The halls – 360° view


“Cyclopica” is an exhibition with a plethora of images narrating distant moments in life, in different worlds, through photos, videos, audio and projections of complex large-scale infrastructure built throughout the world by Salini Impregilo and its predecessors. The path of the exhibition includes two macro-stories, each one divided by a mega infrastructure: a dam that symbolizes Salini Impregilo’s world and can be accessed through the reproduction of an underground tunnel.

The Halls

The first story is told in the first large hall “The Legacy”. While walking under the dam’s crest, visitors will be able to plunge into a multitude of photographs and images: 21 carousels of slides, which guarantee the best photographic quality. They are programmed and synchronized using advanced technology, and accompany the public in over a thousand different scenarios depicting men at work, construction sites and completed works, from 1906 to the present day, with a perpetually changing rhythm, from hectic to slow.

Visitors will encounter impressive surroundings for an exhibition, when walking around this large-scale infrastructure: the dam’s façade reflects into the water’s surface. This reservoir will allow visitors to rest for a while, experiencing a moment of silence and beauty, before proceeding to the second part of the exhibition.

The second hall, “The Work”, is divided into four areas and narrates in detail the work carried out on construction sites. Every gesture and image, along this path, represents a musical note forming a symphony: the construction site.

On display in the first area “Gestures at Work” are single gestures of workers: expert movements of the numerous professions (more than 250) found at a construction site. Skilled actions modelling large-scale works. Forty photographs are illuminated, one by one, by a rotating light. While passing by, the sound associated to the gesture magically plays a single note, the C note, creating the work, step by step. Sound is the protagonist here.

“People at Work”, the second area, narrates the stories of people and the skilled execution of works: photographs coming to life, dancing through continuous projections. Men in movement, alternating with the tools and machines to build their infrastructure. Sound and movement are the protagonists here.

The third area, “Teams at Work”, focuses on team work, the dominant element. A multimedia synthesis of photos and videos will exalt the existing synchronicity, complementarity and cooperation of the men building the same work, together.

A large-scale infrastructure can only be built if many workers (sometimes up to 30,000) collaborate. Images and sounds blend together like elements intertwining into a suggestive harmony. Sound, movement and rhythm play leading roles in this area.

The climax of this story that narrates work, is reached in the four and final area, “Beyond Work”. A single photograph creates a series of multimedia and multi-sensory narratives, totally enveloping visitors. They will be able to dive into a unique location where lights, sounds, videos and photographs alternate, creating a vision that will make them feel part of the construction site. The single notes making up the orchestral symphony have all been included at this stage, and the work is now complete.